Experience from 1999.

Reconstruction of Harley Davidson sportster 1200 “Martigas”

We begin rebuilding Harley Davidson sportster 1200. As “tough” receive a new rigid frame, new body, type suspension springer. Of course, only a few movies show scenes of the entire reconstruction, the whole is much more skoplikowana. Videos do not show for the body, exhalation, filter, szliwowania and polishing, mounting details, handles, etc., perform the installation, and the whole assembly najważnieszego: design, rip elements so as to cooperate with each other and form a unitary body with an interesting line silhouette.


On początek rozmontowanie całego motorcycle.




The next step is the installation of a whole on the table to build a framework.


We start from the head frame and front beam.

For digital bender prepare the remaining parts of the frame.

Prior to installation, we make holes .


Welding entirety and fitting details make a lot of fun.

design, milling d0taczanie a lot of details, footrests, bushings, mirrors

shifter takes a lot of time.

Many elements are bent hot.

The front suspension also made the connection manually and by machine.

The Version strict ready suspension.

Partly prepared raw state.

We start working on the fuel tank.


The exhaust system is entirely handjob.


A moment to reflect.

Complete unfinished.


The other side of the coin.

The team after work.