Experience from 1999.

Przebudowa motocykli Harley Davidson – pielęgnujemy amerykańską tradycję

Harley Davidson to amerykańska ikona motoryzacji, która już od ponad 110 years is unsurpassed in terms of quality, design, prestige and strong character. About this motorcycle dream of men around the world, for many it is a remedy middle age, for others it's just the best opportunity to get to know the taste of excitement and adrenaline.

W 1903 Harley, the first leaves on the streets of Milwaukee. Nothing like it if today's Harley. Have to admit, a symbol that the modern American tradition passed since then a very big change. You can choose from many models, which differ in both the, what we have to offer, as well as the appearance. Reconstruction of Harley Davidson motorcycle is a good opportunity, to further refine your machine, enrich this unique American character a part of themselves or simply create from scratch based motorcycle Harley Davidson, designed based on individual preferences.

Harley Davidson custom parts

Reconstruction of motorcycles should be performed by specialists, knowledgeable in this, what are they doing. To a large extent this has to do with safety while driving. True lovers of Harley Davidson know perfectly, that not only look, elegance, Class and style is the determinant of American icons, but also its engine, electricity, tires and wheels. We paid particular attention to the steering wheel motorcycle, which have become our pride and joy.

Handlebars, we use to rebuild our bikes are production. We are trying as much as possible, extent each element, by which we complement vehicles, from scratch. Handlebars are designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles, Victory, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki. Elementy wykorzystywane w naszej pracy przygotowywane są między innymi w technologii CNC. Dzięki temu możemy z większą precyzją tworzyć wyjątkowe kierownice odpowiadające wymaganiom naszych klientów.

Custom – niepowtarzalny, wyjątkowy, jedyny w swoim rodzaju

Czym właściwie jest wspominany custom? Tłumacząc z języka angielskiego jest to po prostu motocykl „robiony pod siebie, na zamówienie”. Można zatem uznać, że jest to spełnienie marzeń o motocyklu idealnym, created for specific needs, requirements and expectations. This trend came to a Polish overseas, and more specifically from the United States. The technique of creating exceptional motorcycles customs is not easy. It's a real art, which requires not only skill, but also passion, which comes to every element of the vehicle. This combination of analytical mind with a sense of aesthetic, only then can develop something along the lines of the iconic Harley Davidson, but always a little different - unique.

Love for motorcycles can not be compared to anything else. It is associated with the uniqueness of these vehicles, allowing to feel the unimaginable freedom. Reconstruction of motorcycles for many occasion for, to do something for themselves, In order to be in possession of something, which is invaluable for us.