Experience from 1999.

Custom motorcycle parts - from the particular to the general

Zawsze zaczyna się od tego pierwszego motocyklu. This is not always immediately Harley Davidsona, and may be simply ordinary, cult motorbike. However, this is the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure, which certainly will not end with the first purchase. An alternative to replacement motorcycle is its reconstruction. This combination together dozens of parts into a whole in this way,, in order to create a motorcycle designed individually for you.

Custom, or personalized motorcycle, This can create a vehicle, who in every respect will satisfy the requirements and expectations of drivers. How we do it, that we always are successful? First of all, we focus on high quality motorcycle parts. It depends on them, jak bardzo trwały się będzie pojazd, jak mocny silnik i jak wiele będzie mógł nam on zaoferować. Zwracamy także uwagę na to, jak prezentuje się całość. Przecież motocykl to odzwierciedlenie Twojej duszy.

Kierownice – wyznacznik naszej wyjątkowości

About our handlebars just we like to speak and write. They are a symbol of our quality and uniqueness, and perfectly fit into the concepts of part of the customs, which must surely be unique and distinctive quality, performing, and appearance. Handlebars Steel Thorn is mainly hand made parts for motorcycles. We create them from beginning to end. We are selling them, as well as the reconstruction of the use of motorcycles. Made of durable material, solidly finished and coated with a protective varnish, respectively. First of all, the quality of, then we are working on design.

Custom parts - the smallest detail counts

The steering wheel is just one of the elements of custom motorcycle. It happens, that the customer only wants its reconstruction, and almost from the beginning of creation, and therefore it is important, to have access to part of the best quality and a large range of possibilities. The heart of the bike is undoubtedly the engine. Thanks to him, you can achieve the desired speed, and gain confidence, our vehicle that will serve us for years to come. Is responsible for the comfort seat, preferably when the skin is covered with high-quality, resistant to adverse weather. Of course, we do not forget about the wings, fuel tanks, within, electrics and tires.

Reconstruction of the motorcycle is a truly handjob. Here, every mistake can cost us a lot. There is no room for compromise and time to failure. This is what makes, that the choice of motorcycle parts is crucial. The combination of strength, durability and driving safety with the original and trendy design is a challenge for professionals in the automotive passion.