Experience from 1999.


Budowane na zamówienie Trike pochodzące z naszej firmy, are power coming from the hunchback of any capacity. Engines and transmissions undergo a general review on the site motorcycle SPIKE Ząbkowice Sl, which they are then painted in body color and armed in chrome accessories.
The frame is made to order in our company we have space for battery, servo, and elements of the electrical installation. On the frame assemble hand-made fuel tank protected against corrosion and an additional tank hidden under the body made of stainless steel. Our company is also preparing steering, dźwignioraz front suspension set in chrome. Other elements are polished, made of stainless steel the following elements: floor, chimneys exhausts, racks, cover, etc..
We complete body of fiberglass which includes fenders and body. Completely new electric installation is completed counters and lighting elements.
The project trike provide upholstery seats and complete painting, that the surcharge can be extended for painting works.
The scope of work also suspension, brake systems, fuel supply, equipment, links, infusion, mounting, shelves and a whole lot of small details.
Chrome rims companies MENGELS and the front wheel coming from the Harley Davidson emphasize the great character of a custom motorcycle.
The customer receives a complete vehicle with a set of documents for registration. You can register for driving car category B
Duration of 8-10 months, price depending on the equipment begins 50 thousand zlotys.
In case of questions please contact us.