Experience from 1999.

Customization of motorcycles,
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Customization of motorcycles

The love for motorcycles - who said , you cannot buy love??

Experience, passion and skill – this is what makes us real artists , when it comes to customization , and re-construction of motorcycles. We use Harley Davidson and Japanese motorcycle parts, because we believe, that only high quality materials can guarantee the ability to achieve the desired effect. We approach each vehicle with great commitment, we listen to the customer and create a motorcycle, that is tailored to their expectations. At the same time we try to implement our own ideas, which gains us recognition among our customers.



Hand-made Steel Thorn motorcycle handlebars, designed for Harley Davidson. And Japanese motorcycles. Their elements are manufactured using, among others, the CNC technology - high-quality materials and exceptional manufacture precision..


Fenders of different shapes and sizes, tailored for the tire and the end result desired by the customer..


Made of high quality, durable stainless steel, reinforced with resin from the inside. Fuel tanks available in different sizes and designs.


Chrome, painted or covered with ceramic coating, our exhausts ensure a powerful sound while providing comfort and power..


Motorcycle frames, TIG welded on modern, professional tables using the best tools.


KM-leather-design - for maximum comfort and convenience, Harley Davidson style! Cult design and craft.


The heart of every motorcycle - guaranteed reliability, speed, and trouble-free operation for a long time.


We also take care of visuals. Lepian Custom Painting – unique designs and attention to the smallest details.


Everything your motorcycle needs!

We offer custom motorcycle parts, among them the unique, handmade Steel Thorn handlebars, fenders and fuel tanks, suspensions, body panels and electrical parts, as well as consumables and spare parts for the iconic , Harley Davidson, forever beloved by bikers, and Japanese and BMW motorcycles. Change the image of your bike!


Get to know the people, who since 1999 have been gathering experience, improving their skills and supporting the passion for bikes. We create an alternative motorbike reality, to meet the expectations of those , who want to experience the unique adrenaline-fueled thrill, to give people the opportunity to create their own, Harley Davidson-based and Japanese dream custom motorcycles.

We invite you to watch our videos!


Our work and commitment are also appreciated by the media. We try to be present , wherever we can share what , we do best with others - customizing motorcycles and creating them from scratch. Our ideas have been recognized by many experts in the automotive industry. Works , that came out of our hands are presented in the press , and go out to motorcycle enthusiasts.

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